He did not want to care about the conspicuous place that we were strategically placed. To be specific, we were inside a club and this guy was all over me. I mean, he was almost igniting the charisma in me. He had drunk alcohol to his occiput. His eyes were drooping while his mouth was drooling and his thirst to devour the inner me was raising. I sensed it. I was aware of what that would happen in a short time in case I would not control myself to counter his drunken prowess.


I was a young lady, barely 21 and my name was, and is still Bella. This guy was my best friend since primary school and we had never had anything sensual just a mild chemistry. He was cute and was those types of guys you would just admire because of their well-built muscles. He was neither tall nor short. Just the right size. His striking appearance had kept freezing me ever since though I had not made any advances towards him. Today would be different! I told myself. I had to open up to him.

He lay on my right deltoid muscle as the drink consumed him. To keep him stable, I circumscribed him in my arms and held him close to me. I was just in the right world! He was just a newbie in the world of booze; I understood his behavior at the moment. I felt great and just kept looking at his sleepy eyes as he closed them unopposed. My temperature was rising slowly as my heart beat rapidly. My cleavage was slowly starting to augment under my tight blouse. I could feel it.

I composed myself for a moment and pushed him aside as he dropped on the tall club tables displaying a lot of lethargy. The drink had devoured some part of his thoughtful brain leaving out that part that plays a vital role in the pleasure principle. His name was Baron.


Time waits for no man. It was getting late. It had hit 11 pm at night. As a lady, I felt weird being out with a drunken guy who I must stay sober to guide him until he is safe on himself. Baron had taken care of me most of the times and I could not leave him inside the club. I knew I had to take the bull by the horns and take him home. I treasured him too.

I got up from the tall club stools and stepped on the floor. I shook him and he raised his head facing me. I smiled. He had a handsome face especially now that he was sleepy. I held him close to my body and held his shoulders.

‘Let’s go now.’ I told him as I started to move him out.

He gradually held my shoulders as his head lay by the air swinging this way and that way. We walked from the club as we staggered until we hit the tarmac road. His phone could connect us to an Uber Driver but he could not even remember the password of his iPhone at the moment. I tried to show the phone to him to try and type the password to no avail. We had to board a matatu [public vehicle].


Within no time, a matatu halted just right to the place we were and we got in. I was to take him to my house since i was a loner. I also feared about his mum getting to question me about this and that so I had to keep him with me till morning. Furthermore, he was mine. I loved him.

We alighted at a rather dark place, slightly a few yards from where we were actually supposed to alight. Baron was still under the magic of the drink. He was still in the limbo and my suspicion was when he would resurrect from his state of oblivion.

I continued holding him as we walked since he would just fall if he did not have my support.


‘Let’s walk abit faster’ I told him as we treaded through the dark path holding him tightly by my side. It was almost quarter past midnight.  I really ‘felt him’. I mean, I felt the stamina in him. It made my whole self-boil up. I just had adequate self-control of which I do not know how long it would last. I was an unpredictable type of lady.

As we continued walking, I would see home. It was a few meters from where I was. I would see the backyard light shining from the chimney of my house. I felt him hold me tightly on my waist as he walked with difficulty. I felt bad I let him drink a lot since he had not tasted booze for a lifetime. It was his first time. Nevertheless, I knew he would appreciate it after he got sober and watch me sleep next to him the next morning.

Just then, I heard something rattling behind us. I suddenly stopped and looked behind, it was clear. I suspected someone might have been following us. I assumed it and continued walking as I pulled Baron towards my house. Another piece of dry grass rustled behind us. I trembled this time round. I knew someone was right behind us. My heart beat more thunderously. I had not felt my pulse high as it was. I suddenly looked behind while holding sleepy Baron on my shoulders. I saw it. I saw a dark figure in a hood right behind me.


‘Bang!’ something hit me so hard at the back my head forcing me to fall down on the dusty path with a thud. My ears lost the nuts, I could not hear anything; just a sharp ‘tinitic’ sound. Just then, I saw Baron dropping down too and the last thing that dropped on the dusty ground was a bloody rusty spade.

A black dung-coated gumboot appeared just before my eyes. My eyes shut. ⇒⇒ click here for PART TWO OF THIS STORY




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  1. Nice piece. It makes one want to know what happens thereafter (arises curiosity)…

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  2. What a terrifying story ..
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  3. Wow! Great writing and story building.

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