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‘Ponyoka Na fresher’ [GRAB A FRESHER]

…where campus wolves hunt for fresh kids


your first display in campus tells a lot to the people around you

This is a real phenomenon. It happens and every striking fresher lady should be on the lookout. Oops! The fresher dudes too. You are grabbed too. Grabbing of fresher’s happens; only that the extent of it depends with the kind of university/college that you have been integrated into. Every guy/lady out there knows that a fresher’s mind can be very easy to manipulate and some are mishandled completely during that one ‘bash’ that brings the ongoing and fresher students together. Smart fresher’s tend to be alert from the time they step inside campus. Those ones prosper well in the first year of campus life. So what about this campus life?

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…the value of solitude and silence


Hour by hour, the days accelerate. Days fade when some have made their hay while the sun is shining. Some haven’t harvested their produce yet but are yet to hold their great harvest very soon; while others harvest sowed anything to reap.

Do you ever sit by yourself and accompany your inner spirit? Feel it talk? What were you created to perform in this universe? Why aren’t you like the other person?

This is because God designed you to be who you are. He has bestowed on you something

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part two: (cry of the oppressed )



being trapped in this world of problems has been my entire life. I pray my children that they will fight for a better life in the years to come.

I can see the light beyond,

Light beyond the tunnel vision,

It dims and glows,

I perceive the happiness in the coming days,

Maybe it is not my happiness,

But destined for the sons and daughters of my grandchildren.

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Middling Yard

from middangeard ("middle earth"): a blog of speculative poetry

Natalie Ducey


Province of the Fallen Words

Spilling emotion through words

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