Karen was staring at the portrait of her granny who had perished in grisly road carnage. The repercussion of the latter created a greater mental effect on her. She was only 16 and she had already started foreboding posh vehicles.  Her sister Annette was busy assisting her mum to fit luggage inside the car, outside. Karen got up from her seat and walked slowly towards the lounge. No sooner had she got inside the main lounge, than a roughened arm held her shoulder. She turned around abruptly, her hair swinging past her nose. It was her dad, Murray.

‘Hi, Karen?’ he continued, ‘why are you so bored like this?’ Murray asked her.

‘Dad, I can’t imagine we are boarding vehicles again. Can’t we trek?’

‘Are you serious Karen, trekking to Mombasa on such fateful days, cars aren’t that vengeful. Change your attitude and mentality too’ Murray said as he patted her shoulders and walked past Karen.

Karen stood still at the place wondering what a world she was in. she had made up her mind a bit earlier that she wasn’t to board any vehicle in her life. The amputated images of her grandma were occasionally recapitulating in her mind.

They were leaving for Mombasa. It was a luxury trip and Murray was so grateful of his family and always wanted to make them happy. However, Karen had the trauma that had ruptured her mentality while being safe on daddy’s car. She walked slowly and sat on her bed. Her face was weary and she seemed hungry as if she had being starved for a number of days.

‘Karen! Karen!’ her sister Annette came looking for her so that they would set the ball rolling. Karen composed herself and agreed to go. When Annette opened the door, Karen plastered a smile and gave her a hand. They walked out talking happily until they approached the exit door. Agnes their mum was happy and Murray also felt his heart warm because they had seen Karen smiling. Karen hugged his dad and promised his dad that she was never to be pre-occupied again on the issue of accidents. His died smiled again and opened the door for the sisters. Agnes had agreed to drive the car for that day.

Murray's 2012 Volkswagen jetta gli

Murray’s 2012 Volkswagen jetta gli

The sleek Volkswagen drove and pulled up outside a gate.

The watchman waved goodbye for the Murray’s family and the car left. Within minutes, the car was swerving corners around the city and suburban areas of the city. The city was cool. Overhead, the trees rose and arch, they rustled and swayed.  Above the tree line, the city sky scrapers struck their sleek grey head, lording over their bending trees. Still higher, the white clouds race and billow, reminding all who stop, to notice that some heights are beyond the reach of concrete and steel.

As they reached the ‘heart of the city’, hawkers who had equipped themselves with compilation of items had started flooding around their car requesting for monetary exchange. Karen was so disturbed that she closed the window.

They speeded to one of the best hypermarkets where they settled for some fresh supplies. They purchased some food supplies because they hadn’t taken anything since morning. They ate to their fill.

‘A glass of wine’ Murray ordered an attendee at the place.  Annette requested for another glass too.

wine glasses at the large scale retail they had gone to do shopping in

wine glasses at the large scale retail they had gone to do shopping in

‘No, alcohol for kids’ Murray said as he instilled to the waiter only one glass.  They headed back to their car after the events in the hypermarket.  A certain argument commenced when they were inside the car. Murray was asking Agnes what they were to do because their car wouldn’t go to Mombasa. They had to book a bus for the night journey. The car would go for service for the next few days. To their car, it was a fundamental requirement by the Volkswagen assemblers for the vehicle to adhere to the terms and conditions as they had pre-discussed before purchasing the vehicle.

Murray had won the argument and there was no objection about the issue. Karen and Annette also supported the issue of taking vehicle for service. They took the car for service and headed to Mombasa stage by taxi. There they took their tickets and got inside the bus. They were inside the bus.

Inside the bus, Karen’s eyes had proved to Annette and Agnes that her fears had started consuming her.

the car in which her grandmother was driving. she died on the spot. this fears made her hate vehicles

the car in which her grandmother was driving. she died on the spot. this fears made her hate vehicles

Her face seemed chagrin, pale and her dimples had been vanquished by the tight grip her cheeks had displayed.  She stood still and her mentality was pre-occupied. Her mom tapped her back, she didn’t respond. This made her mum get another means of ‘killing the rat’. She hugged her daughter from behind making her feel perplexed and with great trepidation. She was heavily perspiring and all of a sudden, a drop of tear rolled down her soft cheeks. She was breathing heavily. Her once conspicuous face had turned to an ash-like jelly color.

‘Mum!’ she shouted and got outside the bus attracting attention to the nearby travellers and businessmen. Agnes responded to her call by following her.

‘Why are you behaving like this?’

‘I’m not boarding this bus’ she said as she pointed at the luxury coast bus at the parking lot. She had previously seen the snapshots of her late grandmother at her burial ceremony. She had been also to the scene of the dangerous road accident that had demolished her granny’s head and mutilated her thorax.

‘That’s an order mum. I think my grandma is warning me against boarding the bus.’ Karen said as she cried publicly. The strangers and bystanders including the idlers would laugh at her wondering why a big girl like Karen would shame herself in public. Idle boys and young men would admire the non-inconspicuous lady who maybe rejuvenated their feelings by a glimpse of the face.

Her mom encouraged her and bought for her a drink. She promised to make her meet the guidance and counseling tutor at Mombasa. Annette continued her advice while her mother cooled her as she held her close. After some minutes, Annette shared a gag and to her utmost surprise, Karen giggled. She was composed.

Agnes noticed by distance, Murray approaching and told her daughters not to tell him about the incident that had just happened. Agnes had known Murray well from the first night after marriage. He would faint or even get depressed after eavesdropping or physically hearing shocking news.

Their dad approached them looking jubilant. They had booked the first class bus. They loved the luxury service. Karen plastered a smile again and nodded. Murray was happy also.

‘Karen, hope you will not have any convulsions as the driver sets the ball rolling’

‘Yes dad. I promise’ she responded again looking appealing.

They had secured the back seats which had been customized with leather seats. It was comfy and the bus had been shaped artistically on the insides. They in fact praised and paid allegiance to the manufacturers. They do not masquerade, they show and demonstrate facts.

Murray ejected his Lenovo tab and gave Karen to play some exciting games. This was another way of helping her to stop thinking about her late granny. The family was intermeshed together to form a cordial ring that was closely united. Their mum was busy doing statistics on her laptop which she had placed on her lap.

The bus ignited and the kids drifted gradually to slumber.

militants attacked the bus just after its departure. find out more on the part two of the story

militants attacked the bus just after its departure. find out more on the part two of the story

Find out what horror that went on inside the luxury bus IHORROR INSIDE BUS PART TWO


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