Just after high school, what rings in the mind of the ex-form four can really be promising and on the other hand astonishing.


They think of the prestigious campuses and colleges around the globe and have very many ideas on their young minds. Most of them think of the following things; – having two lectures a week, partying full time without squabbles or those long calls by your mum, having all the freedom in the world to do what you want at your own pleasure and lastly, breaking almost all the commandments in a ‘responsible way’
However, the plans backfire especially when these guys drop in school for the first week and get things really different. Want to know the reason why? Read the story below
Let’s take a set up in a medical lecture hall. The guys assumed there usually have the ‘caliber of the intelligent’.
You are seated at the utmost back of the hall containing over 500 students. Each of these guys have an ambition in life.


This ambition is to complete their six years peacefully and successfully despite the strenuous effort employed.

1st day

The lecturer enters the class and starts dictating foreign notes and

even before he introduces his name, he is half-way the lecture. The lecture runs for 3hrs. At the first one and a half hours, the freshmen are very attentive. They are all ears and fully active. Some of them are busy taking notes on the projecter-reflected illumination on the white wall. Others are listening keenly to the lecture as they seat slouching slightly towards the lecturer in their anticipated zeal of understanding some concrete anatomy from the elegant lecturer. Time keeps ticking as the lecturer keeps his PowerPoint slides sliding after each dictation.
After approximately two hours, the lecturer seems to be speaking to himself. He pauses and checks keenly among his comrades. He notices a change in the mood of his interlocuters. He asks a question which the answer is just murmured from the back.



Most of the comrades have taken a nap. They haven’t been accustomed to long lectures since the 40minute lessons in high school. Others are in social media; Facebook or WhatsApp groups talking of how the lecturers are boring. The watch is ticking 12:02pm while the lecturer is supposed to end his lesson at 1:00pm. Stomachs have ejecting some of their worst roars whilst mealtime isn’t around the corner.


A lady seated at the second-last bench at the back, checks the clock on her smartphone and she scares the whole class as she yells
Shit! One more boring hour remaining’
The lecturer at the front appears to be smiling thinking that she was trying to answer a question he had previously asked.


Lunch hour comes and adding salt to the injury, most guys don’t have cash to purchase expensive dishes. Some of them have been accustomed to the ‘saving every cent’ attitude.
(This guy goes to the snacks shop)
‘How much is the sandwich?’
‘Sh. 90’ the snacks seller responds in the most humble way.
The guy walks out of the shop as if looking for the money and eventually hits the bush!
Oh my God, seems today am going to starve’ he says as he is so mean with his cash.
At 2pm, there is another lecture awaiting the hungry comrade. The lecture extends to 5pm. The lecturer is so strict that he expels comrades who get in the hall late after he has started the lecture. You get the instinct of getting in the lecture hall 5 minutes earlier before the official time on a hungry stomach.
Being on a hungry schedule, your mind is going around through the colorful and tasty desserts you spotted in the snacks shop. All you have to do is equate the cash you have to the snacks; in order to see if the cash is viable or not to purchase the snack once in a blue moon.
As the lecture session is almost hitting the clock, the comrades seated at the back are busy watching the different shades of dudes and ladies entering the hall in a bid to secure a friend he/she would admire having around; or the one who would fit their objectives. This is the time the seated comrades check the faces and whole make up of their other colleagues in a bid to observe certain weird characteristics that are only known to them. At about 2:15pm, the lecture commences and the cycle continues.
The end of the lecture quotes the start of a new day to some comrades while to other comrades, it’s the time they get to revise and rest peacefully after a tough learning day.


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. kiplangat emmanuel

    Life as a comrade…eeeh I can say dat life isn’t easy and at the same tyme very easy depending on how you view…lke tha article its awesome just to wsh all success.

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  2. thats true it always happens. people sleep and wake up. all in all, we all study to accomplish a new us


  3. this is so true the first year you are in an institution you feel you have a bank of expectations and your anxiety eats you up and drills in you till your expectations are met though to some it is always the opposite and their world seems to be turning upside down and all they want to do is change their courses to those that seem to meet their expectations

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s truly what happens during the first few days as one tries with the new environment, new people as well as experiences… all in all it takes courage ,determination and self believe to go through it all

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *tries to cope

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