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An unexpected walk that turned and gave way to an unexpected romantic proposal. This was one of their usual adventurous walks in the forest. They took a walk to the forest to have their minds breath and relax from the normal hooting of matatus that often crossed their ears and also have the cool air brush through their noses; to avoid the smoke from industries and engines that were too old to sustain the pressure of their drivers. It was something that was great in the minds of the outgoing couple. Experimenting things and getting acquainted with new places was their taste of life.



Adorned on a white long short and a white t-shirt, Jack stepped out of his chauffeured Range Rover

vehicle as the high-end car skid away. He had arrived at the Mayflower Forest Walk. It was an annual walk that was held annually to raise money for charity.


Elena was already at the garden awaiting Jack’s arrival. The twitting of birds and the swaying of great trees was the sound Elena’s ears had been accustomed to as she waited for her great prince Jack. Jack approached Elena from behind and walked slowly pursuing her from behind. On reaching just behind her, he curbed her face from behind and moved closer to her. Their bodies clapped. Jack’s arms crisscrossed her cleavage area and her arms also leaving her helpless.

‘Jack?’ Elena called.

There was no sound nor response. The howling of wind and the superficial flow of water at a nearby stream made the response to her hungry thoughts to get a reply. Her heart started palpating and she started breathing fast.

Jack tightened his grip and started walking while holding her towards a certain tree that stood great ahead of them.

‘Hey, Jack…’ she called again.

She had the doubt that Jack was around the place. Her thoughts raced miles away but still, the thought of Jack was her number one feeling.

Jack was smiling and glared at her lady with utmost love. His eyes would tell. He at times bit his lower lip and imagined of the great moments they have spent with Elena. He at once rotated her and made her lay on the tree facing him.

‘Hey Elena, it’s me,’ Jack said as he plastered a unique smile that only his loved one had observed from the dark of ages. It was that seductive smile. Elena punched Jack’s chest twice and extended her hands passed his shoulders giving him a long recommendable hug. They had a short kiss which was followed by a long seductive kiss that made Jack lift Elena passed the ground level allowing her to cross her legs around his waist.


Lovely Hug

This unexpected adventurous walk turned out to be a marriage proposal for this couple in the middle-thirties who were tired of holding on to their bachelor and spinster life for long. They had already pursued their degrees and were holding great jobs in private institutions. It was an extraordinary proposal from the normal hotel proposals we normally witness. A proposal whose witness was only nature.

Both Jack and Elena had waited for so long to say the words to each other. What was the most difficult thing was the one to raise the appraisal. They both waited for one of them to raise the request.

‘Hello, Jack. You want to say something.’ Elena seemed to note something in Jack’s impression. They had cuddled each other facing the natural pool at the side next to the tree.

‘I have waited for long Elena. I can’t wait anymore’ said jack as he went down on one knee and the words came from deep down his heart.

The potent words came calling, “Will you marry me?”

After hearing those words Elena lost herself in them and said “yes”. She hugged Jack and kissed him again.

‘Jack, I had also waited for this moment. I was always finding it hard to approach you.’ Elena responded as she held his waist in anticipation.

‘We should enjoy this moment Jack,’ said Elena as she held his hands and walked towards the parking lot.

‘Hey, meet me at the parking lot’ Jack hollered his chauffeur.

As they arrived at the parking area, the Range Rover swerved at the corner and halted at the entrance of the parking lot. Jack carried Elena in his arms and headed to the car.



They secured the backseat and went to enjoy their proposal at the areas of enjoyment.


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  1. kiplangat emmanuel

    Mmh lots of creativity lyke this article,kudos…


  2. Nice one!!!


  3. It’s an amazing story and am humbled by it.


  4. some of these should be acted…great


  5. smooth love affair!!! ★★


  6. Sounds like our two writers… Love

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