Taxi 🚕 Driver Gay Chronicles – Melting Ice Towers

The ungrateful act.


Mack was a manager at a certain company. He had undergone studies till he acquired a PHD. He was now acquiring six-figure salaries at the youthful age of 26. Although he was a very good man, he had one abnormality if not a defect. He was Gay and he loved it. He was offering the services; everything a Gay requires. His services earned more in his country . He earned even more when he

sold his services to foreign gay customers. He did it as a normal job especially at night and also at his office. At the evening at job closure, he would drive home in his car or a taxi usually located at the entrance of the company.

He had no wife because he was relatively young. At around 8pm, he would drive to a nearby night club in his home town, and pick one “sweet man” who would rejuvenate and give raise response to his gayism feelings in him.


Once he had secured the right gentleman, he would lead him to his luxury car and drive back home to settle his gayism pleasures. Being a gay was one of their pride and they never at any moment regretted being gays. One day, the managerial job was extended up to 1am, at night, due to some decision making of the company.



As soon as the meeting ended, Mack ran to his office and started preparing his way back home. Before he could clear himself up, he received a phone call from a fellow gay who got his number from the gay network. Mack was happy that at least he had a counterpart to make his night.

Not knowing he would be a victim of disaster on the way, he quickly walked to the parking and secured a taxi to deport him at a certain gay club. The driver was a brown guy, aged at least 24yrs old but had a strong energetic body. He had dreadlocks and looked very “handsome” in Mack’s eyes. The journey was long due to the fact that there was a jam before getting out of town. This was because of a certain car accident at the highway.

‘What’s your name? ’ Mack asked.

‘Ryan’ he responded

Ryan got out of the main road and made the car hit the pedestrian pavement racing like hell through the dark alleys. He suddenly made the car halt at a certain dark corner. He locked all doors through the press of a button. He stared at the now-afraid Mack! ‘Get your clothes on the floor!’ Ryan shouted


Ryan eyes changed and he was a monster. He grew robust and he gave Mack an unexpected punch making his mouth bleed. He curbed Mack with a tape around his mouth. He tied Mack with some ropes as Mack tried to flee himself. He was almost unconscious.

Ryan was on a revenge mission to avenge his brothers bloody death who had been brutalized by his fellow gay men after he failed to strike a deal with his fellow gays to recruit some fresh members into their gay network. Mack being a popular crew of the ‘pleasures ‘ of the gay he wanted to avenge his brothers death through him. He knew Mack was one of the gays who really had the hunger to always feed his gayism psych. Mack was totally helpless.


He was sodomized mercilessly as blood oozed profusely. Ryan continued roughly for about 30 minutes. Ryan made sure he erased all traces that would betray his act. He then drove to the nearest public dumpsite and dropped Mack there to await his death.

The next morning, Mack didn’t attend his Managerial job. The employees were worried about their manager. They started their search because he wasn’t even receiving their calls. Mack was later found lying in a dump site. He was all drenched in blood as he lay looking the heavens probably trying to regret all his treacherous acts.

He was dead! The doctor who performed the autopsy concluded that Mack had been sodomized the night before. He concluded by saying that Mack died of intense pain and bleeding.


Mack was buried later but stories about him continued hovering around the city. His Manager revealed a certain video stream that had captured Mack getting intimate with a certain dude in his office. Some of his counterparts revealed the whole issue indirectly thus ‘making Mack naked in broad daylight’. That was a full masterpiece of how Mack was rotten.


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. wow am really frightened yet amazed… i love the article. its educative


    • Hello Jynn. Thank You for Taking your precious time to Read That Article. Its always a Great Encouragement to Us and also to the Readers.

      Getting Back to you with awesome articles will what that Keep us Blogging and be sure to be Regulary updated with every article we post.

      Great Time. Enjoy The Blog.


  2. kiplangat emmanuel

    Wawawa…i like the article it passes a moral lesson,really educative bravo…


    • Yeah. The sodomy rapists still exists and are roaming outside there awaiting people to fall In Their trap. Dont allow yoourslef to be used as the bait.

      Thank You emmanuel for dropping by

      Also check out this


  3. kiplangat emmanuel

    Wawawa…i like the article it passes a moral lesson,really educative bravo….


  4. The work is veeeeeery good. 😉 But am left with a question, who was the manager? Mack or was there another manager?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I luv it its so educative guys should really take care great job guys

    Liked by 1 person


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