Football was established in the 20th century. It has grown greatly since its predecessor years. However it faces many challenges. We tried listing some of the bottle necks of football


Neymar Celebrating A Goal


In an African township, Roto Seleke, 11, kicks a
ball around in the dirt. He is a wearing a fake
Manchester United kit

We are endowed with many talents especially in the countryside. Lately I got to view

the national secondary football events in Kenya and I was surprised to meet one rural team that had crossed all the boundaries to this event. It was a team of young players living in the countryside of Nyandarua County as I am told the land of flowing potatoes by the name Passenga Secondary. However they never pushed through to the finals but their humble background got hold of my attention so I decided to visit the place. In my survey in the area, I found a group of young boys between the age of five and ten years. One boy who really seemed to be interested in the game said “I am Messi and you are?” I was surprised by his guts that looked too confident for his young age.
I realized we got talents and passions and all we just need is to nature them to great names of ‘Origi and Drogba ‘ of African identity.


Most influential players who play get invites from English clubs which they don’t turn off because of the great profits that come in return ,leave alone fame. The clubs get impressed and enticed in their skills. If only this great talents could gain recognition in their countries it means growth in the football world.


We should use athletics in Kenyan world as an insight to the success of football. The athletes always grace up major events in the athletic worldwide due to the medals they scoop. It however houses some football teams like Gor Mahia, Leopard F.C and the likes but the root of their success always seem to be a blame game the management blaming the players and the players complaining of the management team and the blame game continues.



Better Salaries For Players

May African players opt to fly abroad and join the English clubs because of poor remuneration in their countries. That’s the main reason for the increasing slope in the football world. Remunerating them doesn’t only psyche them but natures many young talents as many people find football as the ‘money mint factory’


When we look at the English clubs, they tend to surpass all odds and rise to beyond heights both financially and with power. The professional management strive to see their clubs harvest great profits. The English clubs should act as a mirror to African countries to see their football throne climb to the throne of world cup events.


Christiano Ronaldo Receives Goldnen Shoe Award 2011

Talking of the present English Premier leagues which club do you think is likely to scoop it this season?
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  1. Watching Kenyan Football excel is something that I always aspire. I Wish to see football excel Like we Do in Athletics, Rugby, javeling and swimming. Thanks to those who are always Involved. When we get a Good training ground/Academies for the young people, it will give young talented players the psyche and passion to love what they do.
    training players from the grassroot level too is also a star Mark In Having an excellent team.

    Anyway, I Know That one day, we will come to discover all the loopholes we have and try to mend them. we can excel if at all we want to.


  2. africans have really embraced this sport but what continues to weigh us down like other sectors is poor management


  3. thats True @Manu. Poor Management Is the root cause of Slow rise of African Football.
    and what should we do to counter this?



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