The two different worlds fit a description of the immiscible oil and water, they can’t merge in any way. The first world is one endowed with riches the affluence of the wealthiest generations. The second world is one accustomed to poverty.

Traditional woman| Melting Ice towers

Seated down on a white sofa I imagined the lives of a traditional woman and a modern type of lady in the modern life.

It’s really two different worlds compared to men. These two different ladies have far much different roles that in most cases would never match in any way.
I took my time to survey the two ladies. The modern and traditional lady, Anastasia and Jena. Anastasia was conceived in one of the fancy cities and resides in one of the wealthiest estates in the city. Jena was conceived in Omusyi village a slum in one of the rural areas. The house she resides in fits a good description of an island, there is a river on one side where they always take a shower and on the other side a sewage that reeks and is mosquito infested, the smell that emanates from it really irks. I try to imagine all the comfort that Anastasia bathes in, I even imagine she has never seen a sewage in her entire life and even if she happens to see it would fall sick because of the smell that happens to beat her nose.
Curiosity got the better part of me so I decided to perform a survey in two different days.
One day I set off to Whisper’s club in a bid to meet the wealthy Anastasia girl. I ordered some energy drinks to keep me busy as I waited for her. After sometime a white stretch limousine halted at the façade of whispers club. An elegant man dressed in a Calvin Klein suit opened the door exposing the blue neon lights inside. He rushed hurriedly as his executive shoes crumpled on the tiled floor and opened the back left door, held Anastasia’s hand got her outside and saluted her, my eyes were stuck on the driver had dressed elegantly and did not match the driver position. I even looked at my wears just to make my eyes believe I was much better than him.
“Thank you,” she humbled herself to the chauffeur. Anastasia, a well refined and distinguished lady strutted in the clad in her designer glasses with golden frames holding a black purse. She strutted up the spiral stairs, went straight to the counter and waved at the cool guys who spent a better part of their time pretending not to glare at her embodiment. Her perfume ‘pleasures’ by Estee Launders captured the attention of the room as she walked. I even had to hold my breath just to let the rich, warm, musky scent have its way down my system.
“What’s your poison?” The bar attendant asked. I was puzzled by the language in here “poison” but I later understood it’s the poison that is meant to relax the brains.
“A double Jameson.” She said as she checked her purse.
“Make that two and put them on my tab please.” Her rusty voice commanded as she handed the waiter her credit card.
She sat elegantly on the executive seats. Draped on her perfectly endowed body was a beautiful couture dress. Her shapely legs held by the Christian Louboutin heels.
The bar attendant gasps, he is shocked by the thought that the cost of her accessories on the fingers and chipped on her hair were equivalent to his monthly salary. She gets her drink and clears it up. She walks elegantly to the dance floor and moves her body that always

This time round I decide to go to Jena’s place. I meet her washing her clothes in the river nearby as she hums a song that really gets my attention. She has a well-endowed voice.
Her body is draped in some “leso” that has faded due to overwashing and the kind of environment she is habited in. Her humble nature tells me that she does not know much.
I engage in a talk with her and she tells me the trouble she always gets in there. She complains about the river that seem to be infested with some crocodiles at certain months of the year. Her face speaks of the trouble she encounters in here.
She seems too old for her eighteen years, her wrinkles reveal the kind of life she got in here. Good thing is that she always afford a smile that atleast she manages life there.
She still remains the beauty peasant of Omusyi village. She is forced to work as an attendant in a chang’aa bar where she gets some coins to lay something on the table.

I try to imagine the life of Anastasia that is completely different from hers as Anastasia has to go to a club to get rejuvenated with some drinks while Jena works in a bar to get some coins to feed herself
She tells her life-story as a bar attendant who at most time have lousy men entice her with their eyes and sometime force their way into her. She has to live with the dirty names always thrown by the residents of Omusyi village “ whore! prostitute! gold digger” and the likes words that she is completely innocent of. She even invites me to visit the famous bar of “PUNGUZA VITA NYUMBANI” a Swahili words that means stop wars at home something that is ironic of the aftermath of taking the local drink “chang’aa “ since they cause havoc at their homes beating their children and their wives.
Being on a tight schedule I decline her offer and promise to visit her again to get a complete view of the famous “Punguza vita nyumbani”
She escorts me back to my car as she pleads me to visit her again.

The two Ladies live a very different life.


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. Wow..this is life..we all cant be equal..


  2. kiplangat emmanuel

    Waa… Life that’s how it is,we call it “TABAKA” anyway maybe that’s HW it was meant to be who knows… Awesome article nce one,Bravo…


  3. Shelmith Naisola

    Nobody chooses where to be born….buh we all try to make it a better place


  4. am loving ur articles…..that’s why we have to work hard to make a better life and a difference..


  5. I luv the creativity this world is so amazing Bt we can’t be all equal some hv to suffer others live comfortably…great one!!!

    Liked by 1 person



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