If you really have a heart, you should spare sometime and read this.


Such thoughts race through our minds and trigger a dark tide of anger to swamp our better judgment. We have jotted the article euphemistically; otherwise if the affected victims were to jot this article, bitter comments would be the subject matter to the officials in charge. The affected would consider them as the ‘worst elements of society’.

‘Malnutrition…!’ ‘Hunger…!’ these are the usual headlines on T.V. that hit specific territories in the world.

The public always view such areas as deprived of resources, drought-stricken and also go ahead to associate the areas with abject poverty. Speaking the truth, only minimal positive issues are heard from such places.

A battery of journalists and reporters who visit such places always air negative issues. Most likely, they will air photos of emaciated babies and adults who are under the influence of malnutrition. Supplementary budgets formed to serve such people are greedily grasped and put in deep pockets swollen with corrupt wealth. It’s like a ruinous re-incarnation of the jungle where the meanest guys eat meat and losers eat grass. Most often, when relief food is availed by the donors to help those faced with hunger/starvation, corrupt government officials hoard the food and conspire with unscrupulous business people to sell food at exorbitant prices to the starving people! What a shame? Can’t they feel the emotional part of it or do they feign the feeling? Contrasting the two scenarios critically is like regurgitating a mixture of soup and raw eggs.

The causes of food shortage can be sort out but very few work towards that objective. In Some countries, there are economically and agriculturally rich such that no part of their vast lands has ever been on a dry spell. Some had the droughts and some like Egypt was an arid land but it’s capable of feeding its citizens. Countries faced with such problems should take the steps followed by Egyptians to ensure everybody lives perfectly well. That’s a great solution. By giving relief food to the starving people, the severe annual rollercoaster will never end. It will recur the next time and all you will be doing is to send relief food after some humans have succumbed to famine.

The major cause of food shortage is inappropriate agricultural policies. Most countries emphasizes on cash crop farming leaving out subsistence farming. Adverse climatic conditions also contribute majorly on the shortage of food. Rapid population growth, especially in slums and isolated areas, also leads to food shortage. This is because of the increase in the dependency ration which in turn increases food shortage. Poor processing and storage facilities also accelerate the rate of food spoilage. Most citizens especially in rural areas, stock a lot of harvested food that could be preserved for future use, the food gets spoilt because they lack storage facilities. Human activities such as deforestation, encroachment of forests and reserves, deliberate forest fires reduces the amount of rainfall. This in the long run leads to intense food shortage due to drought.

The tremendous effects of food shortage are fatal and others touch both the ‘haves and haves-not’. Due to such food problems, there is higher debt burden as the host country borrows foodstuffs/relief food from developed countries. These countries scramble on who will help the starving country in their personal aims to benefit their interests. The ‘hungry country’ is viewed as a weak country that doesn’t know to feed its own citizens. Even poor mothers find a way to feed their ten children. This leads to erosion of the national prestige. Political instability hits the record on the rise as young people struggle to survive on the hunger-ground.

The solutions are the best things we know how to formulate but never get ways of implementing them. Some of the ways of reducing food shortage is by reclaiming waste lands to be used for purposes such as irrigation and erection of green houses. This increases food supply and raises the standards of living especially when one monetizes his/her produce. Promoting political stability will gradually increase the number of potential foreign and local investors who can trade with the subsistence goods a farmer produces. This increases standards of living ultimately reducing food shortage.

As Sir Winston Churchill said, “healthy citizens are the greatest assets a country can have”. We greatly support his saying because if all countries had the ‘go green’ objective, most of the problems faced by countries would be on the verge of decreasing.

Herbert Prochnow once said that, ‘there is time when we must choose the course which we follow or else the relentless drift of events will make the decision for us. We should join hands and help those in great need. There are many people who are suffering due to lack of this knowledge. Let’s go educating people on ways to reduce food shortage. Make your own campaign and walk out to the world. Make a difference in your own world and for the soul of a fellow citizen in jeopardy.





Kennedy Mawira And Speranza Ndung’u


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. you make me really feel that we must do something to save the dying people. the world is full of resources. its only assisting the respective hungry countries by feeding them and improving their lives and also their standards of living.


  2. It’s time for us to open our eyes!!!Thanks for reminding us to do so.


    • hello, germaine , the call hear is somethin that we must do. its not somethin that we should be forced to do. the inner heart finds out on what to do. if you have a caring heart, you just find the right thing to do.


  3. kiplangat emmanuel

    This article helps create awareness its now our duty to set the ball rolling,we ought to do our best to help conserve our environment.Thanks you have opened our eyes…


    • Yeah. The environment must be conserved by everybody Regardless of age. This is because, when nature triggers to revenge, nobody cam control it until You have taken the preventive measures of conserving it. This is by conserving the environment


  4. Good work Ken and Speranza.


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