Your eyes red in color since ur eyes can’t hold the agony longerand a huge rigid vein between your forehead striking down to the bone of your nose…


I was awestruck when this story hit my ears n my eyes could not hold the disbelief in me. July second was when this ruthless act took place a boy in some local secondary school was gorged out his eye due to biscuit bullying. It is a disheartening story, The boy had just joined form one n his eyes were filled with zeal anxiety n agitation to mark his trails towards becoming a doctor when this fateful sight happened n he is only left mourning his heart out over biscuit bullying that lead to the gorging out of his eyes


I really don’t know what other students go through their hard first year experiences in high school, but I’ll try to share my story. What I have heard from my fellow friends out there is that my experience was as cheap as they understood it.

My mum and I arrived at the school gate and a dark watchman wrote our initials in the visitor’s book. I had already smelled the school’s atmosphere and at the sight of t looked hostile. I was rilly belittled when I compared myself with the other form one students,

The first days, I had sleepless nights and I engrossed in the world of my ultimate imaginations trying to orient myself with the place

I was allocated a certain table in the dining hall that seemed to be a total netherworld. By the look of some faces on my table, I knew I would be starving every day. But I had to survive the harsh looks they masked in their faces to have a smooth flow of life in there

Not even the first week was over, I joined the bread business. This was a business that you exchanged either cash or food with slices of bread. In my case, I needed cash after taking tea alone for breakfast in thirst for cash. This became hard especially for my morning classes. I had to stop the business. Hunger hit everyone but I guess I was the strongest hit. To me,quantity matters more than quality especially in the stomach matters. When I disturbed the big boys due to their arrogance, I would create a mountain out of a speck of dust by going for night prep without supper.

One day, still in the early days, I rushed to the pit latrines. I was greatly shocked by the state of the John’s  A tornado of stench was all over my body when I got out of the place. Just never mind or imagine of how I supported myself in there. Nobody knew my gymnastics teacher! My clothes had an enormous cocktail of smells.

Rushing to the dormitories, I was deeply flabbergasted beyond my usual surprises. My high-density mattress which was almost 6-inches and three wooly blankets were not on my bed. At first, I thought I had mistaken the dormitories, I got out and checked the name again; truly, it was my bed. I shuffled to my bed to have a look at it again. Over my now-made bed, were a thread-bare old blanket and a two-slice inch mattress that seemed to have been used by the pioneers of the school and passed over from generation to generation.

I sat on my bed and grieved deep inside my heart. I am not used to let my tears flow down so I had to hold them. I was crying in my heart. My eyes were clear and I didn’t show any sign of dejection nor despondency. I made it sure no one saw my displaced face. Glancing on my feet, I had different slippers [flip-flops], a blue one and a red one. They had both been misplaced. I had started telling myself that I was a careless type of person. That night, due to the force my small body had exerted on the thin mattress, I got up having sorry marks of wire mesh on my back. This is the mesh that happens to be under the mattress. The boxes of the wire mesh had artistically inscribed themselves on my back. I imagined finishing the term in such a sorry state.

Just imagine it was only the third week over.

Monolisation had taken the root course. I remember another fellow pupil being forced to holler his mum and tell her that she loved her dearly with a smelly shoe that reeked of dead rats. Another time in the field, some students bowed down to a dead frog and praised the winning team, they had to surrender their knees to the ground n praise the winning team using a frog as the idol in the worshipping ordeal in the name of praising a team after winning . It was a nice comedy to make me laugh despite the challenges that I faced. Although studying with such problems was difficult, I at times fantasized about the last episodes of love at home and wishing if they were recurrent in my dreams daily.

I hated school scrutiny/inspection. It was done as if we carried bombs and grenades. What astonished a lot is that the inspectors got nothing despite the high skilled manpower that was employed. Others made a deal with the inspectors and sneaked stuffs inside the school. You would enter a certain room and the one inspecting you would hold and examine if you had something below your items then check if you had hidden anything or fixed something. As a form one, being subjected to such treatment was abomination. It was greatly annoying. My mum had taught me that I shouldn’t let one touch me just like that here I had to survive all this. I think this was the case of abiding by the rule lest being expelled. I had to obey.

Washing was becoming tedious especially when water became gold. Ways to surmount the dirt of the collar made me to place cell tape on the whole collar so that it would always look stunning clean. However, the plan stopped working after a few weeks of experience when I was caught. Honestly, I wouldn’t state what happened there after. It was a bizarre experience.

High school punishments were making my seat hot every now and then Back  bone whipping was the order of the day. Other kind of punishments were kneeling, sitting or sleeping on your stomach on the corridors, hugging the flag post until midday. It wasn’t simple stuff anyway.

First term was almost over and I couldn’t believe that the second term was going to be the same as the predecessor term.

Dear reader,

I consider life as a high school student as best as ever. This is because I’ll never forget the experience:- sneaking, stealing, fighting, eating illegal things, being whipped senseless for nothing done, accepting punishments before explaining yourself. Truly, high school molded me to be who I am today. I also learnt good qualities and also got survival tactics.


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. I think this young people can be good counsellors and at the same time posses that gift of writing I wish we can have somebody fronteering to assist them to further their knowledge in doing the same


    • Thanks Joseph your words are a flavor that spices our writings and sweetens our creativity to soar to greater heights. A sweet flavor that waters in our mouth and minds leaving a sweet sensation that make us smile all through.


  2. kiplangat emmanuel

    Wau it awesome .. Alot of creativity nce article


  3. guys .u r makes me doubt the degree my english teacher had…
    good creativity


  4. You surely aint forgeting this school any soon!


  5. very true…nyc work


  6. Wow amazing my highschool life was also fun n also taught me a lot Bt its awesome that is vry nice creativity I really love it great work n keep up luv u guys

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