Men, this is not the old era where you had all the say on matters on how to run a family or putting your wife on crazy curfews!

The female regime seems to be overwhelming and soaring in greater altitudes from their vanquished states in the early 80s and 90s. Years back, women were belittled and subservient and small creatures who needed protection. However, nowadays, things are different.
The patriarchal dominance has been deteriorating day by day as the females become more influential and powerful. The boy child has started diminishing and his rights are becoming extinct nowadays. The female chauvinists have come in greater numbers and are projecting for their rights. What about the male child? We have always depended on the scarce ‘Kazi kwa vijana’ money of which some have never get.
The commissions that have come up for women empowerment are articulating strongly for additional females’ rights. What about the boys’ rights? I think we are been ‘dumped’ gradually. Groups like ‘chama cha wanawake’, ‘rights for the girl child’, ‘wanawake FIDA’, E.C.W.D. etc. are becoming prevalent.
Glancing at the population, it’s overwhelming as they are in large numbers compared to men.

This is a threat to patriarchal dominance because they can decide upon anything in particular. In employment and job applications, in most cases, women get first priority. Looking on most banks, most employees tend to be women. In Kenya most treasurer jobs, are secured for women. Why? The university cut off point for ladies is lower than that of boys. This is like a culture! Since we learn in the same class, why are they allowed with such grades? I think this is getting beyond measure. All their issues have been sought out e.g. F.G.M., Early Marriages. Why then the favorable measures?

Most communities do demand bridal wealth so that we can get a “woman”. Why not women to pay bride wealth as some communities do? Most men tend to assume that they bought the girl, thus it’s like an asset to them. This makes the man use the girl to his utmost satisfaction even in the wrong way.
Some males are denied Conjugal rights by their wives. This is because a lady can sue her husband for Marital Rape or sexual defilement. They view sexual demands as contravention. This makes most men unfaithful because of their strong sexual libido, thus reducing the respect a man earns.
In case of siblings in a stable family, the girl child tends to be favored a lot compared to the dude. The dude is allowed to play outside the house for a long time as he wishes but the girl is usually secured a certain time. When doing shopping, our sisters obtain a lot of shopping and also cash. I don’t understand why, yet we are also in need of the same items. Do you ask yourselves why?
Study has shown that most men abuse hard drugs as compared to women. Most of them die due to illicit brew others knocked down by vehicles due to getting drunk, thus dying. Reminiscing, men of the olden days who had a certain type of brew, they made sure they never got drunk. They were principled not like some men nowadays who booze till morning to sleep in gutters! This is what leads them to be battered senseless by their unforgiving wives. Some also get killed by their better-halves. Their roles as dads continue diminishing as they lack to contribute for their desolate family upkeep needs. Some women have played the roles of dads and mum at the same time. That’s why I say that they will be in full control someday! Alcohol leads to brain damage as time goes thus reducing the number of men with “brains”
Nowadays, most people tend to buy clothes, groceries and also barbershops that are operated by salesladies compared to salesmen. Ever ask why? Most people have been having a bad fallacy about men thus assuming all men are likewise! The numbers of street children, who are boys in town, are in large numbers as compared to the ladies. In fact, street girls are getting out of towns as well wishers ‘hook’ them leaving poor boys to bask in the hot and excruciating hard life in town.
Most men are duped by women easily and before they realize it, all their houses, money and special assets are gone! Silly men are lured into sexual intercourse by strong libido enchanting women, who with their seductive and enchanting moves, leave men in bankruptcy. We need to be more careful at times.
We should set the ball for success rolling because if we don’t style up, be sure our descendants will totally be vanquished and borrowing almost everything from females. If resting is all we do, then we will continue being emasculated. If they completely take over, getting over them will be Rocket Science. Bet That!


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. Rily interesting n powerful.


  2. Rily interesting n powerful


  3. its such a nice article…..kudos 4 that…buh am confident ladies do deserve moree hehe.


    • Marie . truly the era that was there before is reducing. females are great nowadays. men are just reducing especially in Africa ..through war,illegal drinks and many other.
      kudos for upcoming women. show the men some kind of life.


  4. kiplangat emmanuel

    Waa itz nothing bt the real truth… Men we have to open our eyes. Nce let it work as an eye opener. Bravo


  5. The article is pretty awesome and thought provoking. Kudos! Even so, I’m obliged to say that it’s biased and doesn’t tackle the issue at hand by also shedding some light on the ads of the boy child. It’s true that both governmental and non-governmental organizations have come to the rescue of the girl child but has the situation changed ever since? We all know the answer!


    • Although governmental and non -governmental institutions have come up with ways to rescue the girl child, they bear no fruits in their efforts. Most of the one’s in those places are there to be officials of the “rescue girl” mission maybe to pocket money or to enjoy their status quo.
      .it is such an interesting debate….gender equality is one of the main issue tht faces us….a theme tht raises many questions wen raised….and raises even fights ….while we think we r trying to raise the agendas of a certain gender we are actually burying the other gender in its grave by not giving it priorities. ….


  6. Nyc one….n women should continue getting many previliges


  7. I started reading your articles one after another not putting my phone away for almost an hour glued to the screen!!Quite a good read especially touching on matters that affects the society on a daily basis.Keep it up and looking forward to read more esp where there was a part 2 coming soon.


    • Wow. That’s pretty Interesting. That’s a very great way of motivating us to keep writing without stopping. We will and we must continue with the part 2 of each and every article. We promise to keep you glued even more. Thanks.


  8. Great articles on this blog

    Liked by 1 person




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