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Men, this is not the old era where you had all the say on matters on how to run a family or putting your wife on crazy curfews!

The female regime seems to be overwhelming and soaring in greater altitudes from their vanquished states in the early 80s and 90s. Years back, women were belittled and subservient and small creatures who needed protection. However, nowadays, things are different.
The patriarchal dominance has been deteriorating day by day as the females become more influential and powerful. The boy child has started diminishing and his rights are becoming extinct nowadays. The female chauvinists have come in greater numbers and are projecting for their rights. What about the male child? We have always depended on the scarce ‘Kazi kwa vijana’ money of which some have never get.
The commissions that have come up for women empowerment are articulating strongly for additional females’ rights. What about the boys’ rights? I think we are been ‘dumped’ gradually. Groups like ‘chama cha wanawake’, ‘rights for the girl child’, ‘wanawake FIDA’, E.C.W.D. etc. are becoming prevalent.
Glancing at the population, it’s overwhelming as they are in large numbers compared to men.
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Overflowing love
Sweet streams of passionate love
Water flowing full of fire
Rivers in vibrancy

Definite sparks of attraction
Electrifying looks
Laying an immense shower of love in the heart

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Treachery and lust are two major vices of which have been prevalent in the recent past. Lust is the hunger to get someone to bed with him/her while treachery is the power of telling lies. In my society especially there have been a lot of evil cases brought about by the above vices and I can recapitulate one of the many that got stuck in my intellect mind.
It was back in 2013, where Kasigwa town was still growing and a number of big, luxury hotels became on the demand. Major outsiders would come from far to dine. They also enjoyed a sleepover at the


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